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Graph Paper is a Jekyll website that incorporates Bootstrap. Forking Graph Paper is a quick and easy way to start a Jekyll website/blog with the Bootstrap grid already set up.

graph paper and a pen
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay


Graph Paper aims to implement every feature you can reasonably expect Jekyll to support. That way, you can quickly delete what you don't need, customize what you want, and get up and running.

  • Graph Paper uses Font Awesome to incorporate beautiful icons:
  • Graph Paper makes it easy to set up your favicon.
  • Graph Paper features robust SEO support. Graph Paper doesn’t use the Jekyll SEO plugin, which gives you more flexibility to change the default settings to fit the needs of your website.
  • Graph Paper includes support for Twitter cards, so that links to your website look beautiful when shared on social media.
  • Graph Paper features social media share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn
  • Graph Paper includes support for featured images with each post and page. Featured images show up on archive pages as well as when shared on social media.
  • For blog posts, Graph Paper can display both the post date and the modified date.
  • Graph Paper supports tags and categories beautifully.
  • Graph Paper supports syntax highlighting.
  • Graph Paper supports blog pagination, and easily allows you to customize how many posts are displayed on each archive page.
  • Graph Paper supports multiple authors. Each author has their own page which lists their bio, their picture, their posts, and their social media links.
  • Graph Paper supports RSS feeds, both for the site as a whole and for individual authors. Like with SEO, Graph Paper’s RSS feeds are custom-coded (they don’t rely on the jekyll-feed plugin), which means they are robust and detailed out-of-the-box and easily allow you to modify them to suit your own needs.
  • Graph Paper includes support for comments via Disqus

Missing Features

There are a couple features that we haven’t added support for yet. Feel free to contribute these if you wish!

  • A search widget
  • Add line numbers to code blocks